Hotshot Bullets

Fine crafted cast bullets for the target shooter.

Downrigger weights

Bullet lube is here!

We manufacture Ammunition, cast bullets, bullet lube and down rigger fishing weights.

 We are also a dealer of zero brand bullets.


All my molds are one or two cavity, this cuts down on the deviation between bullets. I have a custom made machine that although is much slower than the big fast ones, the bullets are very consistent one to another.  Every bullet you receive are from one of two cavities in a mold, or in the case of the bigger bullets one single cavity, not like other producers that have three to six molds all with two cavities per mold. This makes for more consistent bullets with less deviation from each other.  Its much slower but it makes a more consistent bullet.


I'm also offering limited gunsmithing service. Custom work on Ruger 10/22 rifle with trigger jobs  on stock triggers that will make the trigger smooth and nice down to about 3.5#. The cost of this service is $40 for the metal housing trigger plus shipping $45.00 plus shipping if the housing is plastic. Email me for details.